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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Human Body Digestive system Mouth-where the food is put first Teeth-in the mouth and chews up food into tiny pieces to be swallowedEsophagus-a smooth tube where your food goes after you swallow it Stomach-stomach juices,enzyme and pepsin are located here,the food is held here for a while after food is swallowedSmall intestine-2-3 cementes long,when food comes here it has already been digested into liquid,the liquid mixes with enzyme and secretions Large intestine-around 6 cm long,anus is the ending/opening of the large instance where the solid waste are realesed,when food comes most nutrients have been absorbed,this is the last section of digestionvitamin k is made here Gallbladder-holds bile produced in liver until needed for digesting fatty foods in the small contestant intestine Pancreas-glandular organ in upper abdomen but is really serves as 2 glands,one gland is a digestive gland and is a hormone producing endocrine gland,also serves as a exocrine gland,the pancreas exocreates enzymes to break down foodLiver-produces bile and bile breaks down fat molecules Secondary organs: Primary organs: /healthlibrary/article/40532 natomy/index.htm nce-nature/amazing-bodies/10-thi ngs-about-human-body.php?ssid=6 s/biology/faculty/kuss/courses/Digestive system/LiverGallbladderPanceas.htm Mechanical digestion: Mechanical digestion is the physical process of chewing the food that you it into your mouth During mechanical digestion you grind the food in your mouth with your teeth andyou grind the food you put into a pulp.This type of digestion is not the type of digestion that is involved with enzymes.Sailva mosteins the food as the teeth chews up the food Your body starts to realesed enzymes which is the start of chemical digestion.Chemical digestion is the breakdown of biological molecules.Most of this digestion happens in the stomach.Food moves through the digestive system.Then the food is broken down into compounds and nutrients the the small insteine can absorb.Nutrients are substances in food that provide energy for the body to carry out all its needs.The food moves into the large insteine where the water is removed from it Chemical digestion: Absorption of food: Absorption is the process when nutrient molocules pass through the wall of digestive system into your blood.Materials that are not absorbed are eliminated.The structure of small instance makes it suitable for absorption.There are millions tiny finger shape called villi in the small insteine.Villi absorb nutrient molocules.Nutrient molocules pass from cells on the surface of the villus into blood cells.The blood carries the nutrients throughout this out throughout the body for use by body cells ze/science/add_edexcel/common_system s/digestionrev5.shtml tap and hold to changethis text!
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