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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 US tax dollars are buying businesses to supplyfood and cleaning services at US Bases, but the employees are human trafficking victims Human Trafficking in US Military Bases 50,000 people are trafficked a year for Military purposes alone indirectly by the US department of defense Human Trafficking victims have major mental and physical problems resulting from abuse Afghanistan Iraq The people in charge of "recruiting" workers are paid 1k-5k for each worker Fiji Phillippines South Korea Vinnie Tuivaga's Path in Trafficking Italy Romania Major US Base locations fueling human trafficking Hotspot Countries for human trafficking to occur Dubai Nigeria China Japan Vinnie Tuivaga is from Suva, Fiji and works a beautician. One day she was invited to work in Dubai and promised a nice hotel, and getting paid 10 times her salary in Fiji. She talked to her husband, and decided to leave her kids behind to fly to Dubai for this better job. Once in Dubai, she learned this was just a pit stop for her real job that was waiting in Iraq. She learned she would deb paid only $350 a month rather then the expected $15-38,000 a month. On her first day in Iraq she was handed a helmet and bullet proof vest. Her and some of the other women tried to rebel by not working, but that got Vinnie sentto a more dangerous base in Iraq. After a year of work as a beautician, sex slave, and maid to pay off "the debt"she apparently owed, Vinnie finally made it home. Shenow hopes other like her will tell their story to makethis tragedy stop for others. Vinnie Tuivaga's Path As of 2014 the Pentagon has not fined, prosecuted, or suspended any companies that have been known to human traffic or have had offenses in US Military Bases. Germany
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