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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PAST REALTIONS Prisoners & People at Risk Alex Zeller Those who are, or are at risk of, experiencing human right violations THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS JOBS AND LIVELYHOOD RACE GENDER Arguably one of the more well knownforms of discrimination, many countriespractice laws and executive decisions that discriminate against any people of color.Australia, for example, has been in the newsfor oppressing their aboriginal people,and for turning away those who are seekingrefuge from different countries. Many countries accuse and imprisionthose of gender who speak out andare considered inferior. This happensmore often with women; examplesbeing Malala and Habani. Even those who fall under the radar, arestill at risk for being illegally detained.Those who fade out of the public eyeare not safe. In Syria specifically manypeople are being kindapped, and seemto disappear into thin air. PeopleRazan Zaitouneh will be safe one nightand disappear the next. Many people who believe and feel that freedom is necessary will be targeted. Especially in countrieslike West Papau. In order to learn about human rightsviolations, we have to get the newsfrom somewhere. Consequently, manyforeigners are people whose jobs areto write, often get arrested or detainedfor long periods of time, in horrible conditions. Some people like JasonRezaian, are still in this situationtoday.
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