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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Human rights, human migration and World War II Many People migrates from Africa to Europe.The people will then be sent to jail or sent back to their own country and can meet more difficulty.Some of the Africans who wants to migrate to Europe has died in the sea.On 2011,about 1500 migrants died on the ride to Europe. World War II and Human Rights Migrants workers that lives in Europe works in a very dirty and dangerousplace,some people get paid and some doesn't even get paid,sometimes,they will also be forced to work on the holidays. Germany's leader was Adolf Hitler,he lead the country to fight many countries.World War II has also involved with Germany.At first,the Americans didn't want to join the war,The Amercans joined he war when the France blew up a british ship,it had died a lot of Americans.The Bulgarians has also joined the war singed up for the war. In 1930,the Axis power,which include,Japan,Germany,and Italy.They attacked China,Ethopia and Austria.Germany also took away people's individual freedom,they kills people for no reasons. Human Rights includes segregation,there are still segregation in parts of the world.Everybody has difficulty with this problem.The government decides where we live,education,etc.It is quite unfair with this rule,so people is trying to solve his problem and the world will be a peaceful place,no wars,no fighting and everything else. Thank You!!!
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