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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Statues Roman Art Origins Paintings Roman Art The Types of Roman Art Wealthy romans would usually decorate their walls with paintings.The paintings were fresco painted onto the walls.They were mostly paintings of still life objects. Mosaics Mosaics were pictures made from colored tiles by the Romans. Mosaics could be part of the wall or part of the floor. Pottery Romans admired the art and culture of Greeks so after conquering Greece they brought lots of greek artists to rome to make lots of greek statues. Romans were also influenced by the art of other civilizations such as Ancient Egyptians, eastern art, the Germans and the Celtics.The types of arts that Romans do include architectures, painting, sculptures and mosaic work. They also did pottery but it wasnt known to be expensive and not that important to wealthy people. Pottery was counted as inexpensive and unimportant to wealthy people but it was very popular and unique because of the designs and paintings. They were sold for an affordable price. Still life paintings were pretty popular in Ancient Rome, they were paintings of objects that had no emotion or movement most were fruit and flowers. Even today still life art is taught in schools and are a very important part in our lives. Influences Roman statues were really detailed most statues were of naked women and men. One of the statues that we still have today was influenced by the Romans is the Statue of Liberty in New York City. Influences Sculptures played an important role in Romans daily life. The types of statues are the full body statues, busts (a sculpture with only the persons head), reliefs (sculptures that are a part of the wall), and sarcophagi (sculptures that are a part of someones tomb). Ancient Romans would decorate public buildings, public parks and private homes and gardens with sculptures. Wealthy Romans decorate their homes with busts of their ancestors to show off their lineage. A Mosaic Statue of Junos Statue of Liberty
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