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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 +42%vs.LY SEMANA MAGICA VECI DLP 278K Total Investment 1.066K +20% Med Cruise capacity increase, BCN homeport of the Allure of the Seas 1.344k TRADE ACTIVATION 1. 2. Travel Agencies Trained 52 Cities Target 113K RNs (-11%) vs. LY & 65M$ (-5%) UP 2N2D free (4F2, 5F3, 6F4 & 3F2, 4F3, 5F4)Booking: Feb 12th March 18th Arrival: April 1st October 31th-10% Off on FB & -20% Add-ons and free transfer OFFER IMPACT Significant advance in ROB (+19K RNs versus FY14) for Q3/Q4 arrivals, with several constrained periods especially in Q3 YIELD 638K 547GRPs 328K 200GRPs 218K 509GRPs 150K 17M imp 100% DLP 50% / 50% 100% DLP 306K ATL - COOP INVESTMENT 3.2K B2C 12.7M POS & Print Materials mailings Increase Trade Networks CoverageIncrease Online VisibilityRedesign VECI POS +50%vs.LY 1 K12 free for 1 ADT travelling all year & UP to -20% OffAdditional transportation opportunities linked to increased capacity (Transavia new partner)New Disney fares on High Speed train out of BCN TRANSPORTATION TRADE MEDIA Dedicated trade media trip (Mid of Jan´15) to deliver extra visibility in 8 Key Trade OutletsTravel partners: AF for Spain & Tap for Portugal Masterchef JR 2: SM warm up aired on Jan 6th 2015 on TVE1 (with FY15 results: 590K media value & 170 GRPs)Stand Up: Prime Time family talent show on Mediaset to be aired during SM. Two slots (semi final and final) Product interviews at key radio stations No massive inventory reopening at the beginning of the BO Reduce protected inventory (25K RNs in 2N2D in resort and key preferred dates) EARNED MEDIA 75K21K spots
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