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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Put on all of your supplies and make sure everything is safely secure and comfortable. How To Skate On Ice Goal: to be able to skate smoothly and with power on the ice Required Supplies: Skates, Helmet and Stick Optional Supplies: Shoulder Pads, Shin Pads, Elbow Pads, Gloves, Hockey Pants, Hockey Socks and a Jersey. Must be done on a rink! Safety first! Step One Skating is the most important part of hockey. You may have the hardest shot or the most amazing dangles but none of that matters if you cant skate. Step Two Step on the ice and settle into something called hockey stance.This hockey stance requiresfeet shoulder width apart, butt low,chest up, knees bent, head up and two hands on the stick 30cm apart Step Three Start to pump one leg at a timebackwards at a 45 degree angle.To get the most powerful stride extend your leg fartheracross the ice for a longerstride to generate more speed, then pullyour leg of the ice and backinto your body for another powerful stride in a repetitive motion. Step Four Have your stick in one hand. If your a right shot holdthe stick in your left hand,if your a left shot hold thestick in your right hand.Then start to swingyour arms by your side back and forth. Always have the opposite arm going forward than the leg going back. Step Five Continue to pump and swing your arms to gain more speedand acceleration. Finally enjoy the cool breeze brushing against your face and the satafacation thatyou can skate onice Never Give Up! Step Six You can finally skate but you can'tskate forever so you need to knowhow to stop. Gradully slow downtill you are at comfortable speed to stop.When you're at a comfortable speedpoint your feet sideways, bend you're knees and transfer you're weight to you're back foot and dig you're skatesinto the ice. By: Ben Roger I hope this procedure helps you become a smooth and a powerful skater!
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