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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Final Term Paper Assignment: Where do I start my research once I have picked my topic? WAS IT TALKEDABOUT IN LECTURE? DOES THE TEXTBOOK TALK ABOUT IT? YOU MIGHT WANT TO START BY LOOKINGFOR MODERN HISTORICAL SOURCESIS THERE A WIKIPEDIA PAGE FOR YOUR EVENT? YES YES Email Professor Friedrichs, or if it was a TA lecture, ask them! Look at the "References" on the Wiki page. Are any of them books(not articles) written since 1975? NO, BUTMY TA KNOWS ABOUT IT Send your TA an email. Be as specific as possible. Say not only whattopic you want to pick,but maybe some themes or specific kinds of sources that interest you (records from missionaries, photographs, comics, etc) The more SPECIFIC you are,the more your TA can help you! Go the UBC Library website and find the book. Search by "Subject" to find other books on the same topic. Try search by "Subject" onWorldcat to find other books.Try to find books published recently. Go the UBC Library website and look up "Indexes and Databases." Search some relevant newspaperarchives for yourchosen topic DID YOU GET YOUR BOOK? Go and checkthe "SuggestedReading" NO Did the library not have it? Go and talk to the librarian. Order the book from another library through Interlibrary Loans. Ask the librarian to help you find another book on the same topic. DO NOT READ THE ENTIRE BOOK. Check the table of contents. Figure outwhich chapter will be the most useful to you. Read the introduction. Figure outwhich chapter will be the most useful to you. Read that chapter. Check the footnotes for that chapter, does the author cite any other recently published historical books or articles? Go and find them. Does the author citeany reports written at the time? Go and find them. Search for your key words (event, place, time) on Check Project Muse. Search for your key words on the UBC Library page. Are there key people associated with your event? Try to find a biography of them, or key writings thatthey did. Go and find it! Use your TA. Ask them to helpyou find material - but be very specific about what you want help with. Be polite. Thank them. YES YES DO YOU ALREADY HAVE SOMETHING IN MIND? NO YES NO NO NO NO YES
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