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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Remote working doesn't have to be done in isolation. It is a good idea to include your remote workers in reguar office activities.Make coming into the office a regularthing e.g once a fortnight.Invite them out of all office social events.Make sure they are invited to phonein/video conference at all staff meetings. Define working hours e.g. 7am-3pm, 9am-5pm,10am-6pm. Establish hours that work best for them and your business.Plan the working day. Ask them to fillout their online calender. That way you can seeat a glance what they are working on. Establishing how you will communicate is the important part of managing remote employees.Decide what works best for you.Consider the phone, sms, e-mail, instant messenger Skype, Google Hangouts, Go to Webinar as a starting point. How to manage remote workers 1. Establish the working day 2. Communication Tools Having remote workers is becoming a more common way of working.If you have remote workers or are considering them, it's always useful to understand how to manage them properly. 3. Software 4. Management style In order to work remotely you will need to invest in software. Software that will help you and your remote workers track whatthey are doing.Look at Trello, Basecamp, Google Drive, and DropBox for ideas on what would work for you and your business. Copyright (©) Equality Pays 2015
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