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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to be a goodWide Receiver in Football Step 1 Watch the professionals and see whatthey do, how they position themselves,how they catch the football, and how they run routes. Some examples of great receiversinclude Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, AJ Green,and Larry Fitzgerald. Step 2 Learn Stance and Posture. An ideal stancefor all good Wide Receivers will be feet flaton the ground and hips pointed in the direction thatyou will run. When the play starts, you willbe explosive and run as fast as you can in a straight line looking forward so that you never give any indicatorswhich way you will turn so you can beat the defenderto the ball. Step 3 Whenever you can, spend some time with your coachand learn all the different routes a wide receiver can run,and learn their nicknames from your coach. This is a veryimportant step because you and the quarterback need tohave an understanding when he says for example, "Run a slantroute." You don't want to be running around on the field and notknow what to do. Step 4 Catching the football is what the position of wide receiveris all about, catching the football is the most importantthing for a wide receiver to do in a game. In order to effectively catch a football, you must catch the ball withyour eyes before your hands. What I mean by that is youmust guide the football to your hands with your eyes. If a defender is covering you, always think about attackingthe football, that means beating the defense to the ball, and you always need to want the ball more than your opponent. Step 5 What a football player does after catching the ballis what makes them different than any other receiver.Immediately after you make a catch, remember to tuck the ball high and inside your arms to make sure a defender doesn't stripthe ball out of your hands. Always think of the ball as your friends,family, and everything that was ever important to you and you needto protect that ball. Step 6 Always remember that in the end, football is a team sport, so even ifyou don't score, make sure your team wins because that is what mattersmore. However, never miss an opportunity because you never know if youwill make that play again. Anybody can become a Wide Receiver if you follow these 6 simple steps! Watch and learn Stance and posture Learn the route tree Catching the football After the catch Be a good sport
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