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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to be a Hero So you want to be a hero? A life full of training and for that one moment for glory, riches, and the chance to be remembered for generations to come. Travel to a Island of Monsters When you arrive at this foreign island make sure you bring supplies such as wine or any alcoholic beverages because might need it for your journey on to the island. When Odysseus gets trapped by the Cyclops, Odysseus says "Cyclops, try some wine. Here's liquor to wash down your scraps of men." By getting the Cyclops drunk Odysseus is able to escape. Getting Ready Use Being Wise to You Advantage When facing someone or something make sure if any questions asked to you or your men, that might cause trouble if answered incorrectly. When Odysseus is asked about the whereabouts of his ship he wisely says "My ship? Poseidon Lord, who sets the earth atremble, broke it up on the rocks at your land's end. A wind from seaward served him, drove us there. We are survivors, these good men and I." Alway Have a Good Plan When there is a case when you trapped or stuck in a jam. You are going to need a good plan to get out or you could be face the lost of you men and or your life. When Odysseus faces a problem when he stabbed the Cyclops in the eye and the Cyclops puts a bolder onto the entrance of the cave. Odysseus ties him and his men to the Cyclops's Rams and is able to sneak past the Cyclops and escape.
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