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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HOW TO GIVE AN OLD SHIRT A SPLASH OF COLOR Lets Get Started!Materials:-White cotton t-shirt-Procion dye-Tie-Dye kit-Rubber bands-Rubber gloves-Soda ash -Warm water-12"X12" tub-Plastic bag-Wooden dowel rod Time to get creative! 1. Gather materials and put on rubber gloves. Make sure there is parent or guardian supervision during this project. 2. Fill a 12"X12" tub with warm water, and mix in soda ash. Soda ash can be found at any local grocery store and is used so that the dye sticks to the cotton. Place the cotton t-shirt in the tub and let it soak for 10 minutes. 3. Wring out the soaked shirt by yourself or with a friend. 4. Place the shirt right side down on a flat surface. Place a dowel rod at in the center of the flat shirt and start to twirl the rod clockwise or counterclockwise- it really does not matter! You should end up with a swirl in the shape of a pie. 5. Next comes the difficult portion! carefully remove the rod, and start toplace the rubber bands across parts of the swirl. Parents should help children at this stage, for it is crucial that one does not wreck the swirl. 6. Parents, time for the messy part! Place a towel or rag under the shirt, and add a moderate amount of dye to different sections of the shirt. There should be no white area showing. Dye both sides of the pie. Make sure to pick colors that will pop. It does not matter where you put each color, but you may want to consider making a bright pattern. Remember to be creative, and give your shirt a fun and unique personal touch! 7. Afterwards, put the multicolored pie into a plastic bag for 24 hours. 8. At last comes the fun! Take the shirt out of the plastic bag, and take off all of the rubber bands to unwrap your colorful masterpiece! GROOVY! FROM FAMILY FUN MAGAZINE Are your children bored and bottled up inside glued to their electronics? Do you have too many old white t-shirts cluttering your house? Parents, an innovative and fun solution to your dilemma is to launch a t-shirt tie-dyeing activity for the family! It's a simple outdoor arts and craft that is enjoyable for both children and adults. In only eight steps, your resolution to boredom awaits!
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