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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chapter 5 Slippery slope This section portrays today's tiny misstep For Ex. A parents who corrects a child's misbehavior. Score Tactics This can be used to stampede fears into panic or prejudice.For people who fear losing their job can be persuaded to fear that immigrants might work for less money Bandwagon Appeals The section urges people to follow the same route that other might be taking. In this particular section they feel as if you shouldn't be independently inclined Not all bandwagon appeals are transparent Listen to your partners point of view Be a good listener,and show respect for your partner on thier opinions. This all may seem nerve racking, but after talking through it and coming up with a safe plan with your partner will make it easier. If you are too uncomfterable talking to your partner try talking to a doctor first Either-or-Choices One way to simplify arguments and give them power is to reduce complicated issues to just two options Also with pressing the issues you want to show both sides of each option available Either or choices can be well- intentioned strategies to get something accomplished The Facts How do you get infected?Having any kind of sex puts you at risk for an STD. (HIV is also spread through body fluids and attacks the immune system).What are risk factors?Women with new or multiple sex partnersPregnant womenGay or bisexual men who have sexWhy is reducing the risk important?Avoid passing it on to partners.Insure your health.How do you use communication skills to reduce/ eliminate risk?Ask your doctor about STD and HIV testing especially if you are at a greater risk for infection. Other ways to eliminate risk?Being sexually active means that it is important to ask a healthcare provider about STD testing. Why is this relevant to students live/ real world?If not now most of you will probably become sexually active in the future and in order to protect your health it is important to know the risks of obtaining an STD and ways to lower your risk. Using effective communication skills and remembering these tips will help you stay safe and healthy. What sources can you use for further questions?For STD testing talk to health professional. Personal questions can be answered by your offers lots of valuable information on the spot.
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