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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How They Choked Marco Polo J. Bruce Ismay Benidict Arnold Cause Cause Cause Effect Effect Became a British General, but lostthe war against the Americans Traitor The Titanic Merchant Effect Did not become successful and was knownas a coward By Georgia Bragg Traveled across Silk Road to accomplish a mission for his dad Joined Venice Navy to fight Genoa but lost and got captured and put in prison Made a book about his accomplishments in prison and that is how we know about him today Sometimes we think of failure as the endbut it's not;it can be the road to successQuote from Marco Polo Owner Didn't go down with the shipcowardly took alifeboat A big iceberg sank the shipbecause they couldn't turn fast enough He didn't have enough lifeboats for everyone to survive because he thought thatthey were UGLY And because he didn't haveenough lifeboats because he thoughtthey were ugly he ended upletting 1,260 people die Was sneakyand always lied Was an American in the Revolutionary War and ledAmerica's first attackat fort Ticonderoga Was a spy for the British and went on a British shipto go back on there side He ended up making more moneythan any American officer in theAmerican Revolution and made about a million dollars So was one who becamesuccessful Summary: "How They Choked" by Georgia Braggexplains how famous people inhistory end up being successful andsome that end up being unsuccessful.This book gives facts about 13 people,and i chose 3 out of the 13 who Ithought were the most interesting.
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