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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Plastic Ain't so Fantastic! Since the 1940's, plastic use has increased drastically! Plastic fact- depending on item it can take more than 1,000 years to biodegrade back into this Earth! Solution! Environment al Problem We could do big or little things. What Im doing is to not completely stop using plastic products but reuse what I can of them. Every day for a week I will try to reuse the ziploc bags that I bring to carry my food for lunch. This will minimize my use of ziploc bags to 12 ziploc bags a month rather than 60. What a HUGE difference! Here is how I will do so- -Get out average amounts of ziploc bags on first day-continue using those bags until not reusable anymore-repeatSee how one little action can make such a tremendous differencee?! With us using so much plastic where does it all go? If your one of those 9% and recycle, than obviously it would go to a recycling center, but how?Sometimes the recycled plastic has to export overseas to get to a center and that causes more water pollution. Also if the plastic falls into the water it endangers the animals and their habitats! If your one of the 91% that tosses their plastic into the trash, than it's even worse! Plastic take years to biodegrade back into this Earth. So the more plastic you put into a landfill means taking up more space of our beautiful Earth, cutting down more trees, taking up more animals habitats, and so many more negative outcomes! Plastic fact- Some poor countries don't even have the concept or money for landfills,so their trash biulds up wherever there is space 9% 91% Recycle PlasticGlobally Throw Awayor Other I'm not being SarcasticHelp Save Plastic!
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