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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Guide Dogs How Smart Animals Really Are The Remarkable AffinityBetween Animals andTheir Owners Irwin, a blind man, hiked on the Appalachian mountain range with his dog Orient. He was relying on his dog to guide himon his epic quest. Bob (a dog) had the ability to communicate to his owner telepathically A cat meowed, scratched and made lots of noise until everyone in the house was awake and able to escape the toxic fumes Prince (a dog) was able to follow his owners scent 120 miles, among 1/2 million people, guns, tear gas and explosions to his exact spot Ruswarb (a dog), stayed right by his masters side right after his master died for 3 months until a police officer found him ~With their keen senses or 6th sense, animals can tell when something is happening or is going to happen ~Animals are way more intelligent then most of us humans give them credit for ~No matter what most of us humans think, animals can obey specific instructions, such as getting a quieter toy to play with, which actually did happen! Interesting Facts ~A young female chimpanzee mastered 150 hand gestures in simplified American Sign Language What are the Smartest Animals? First comes the great apes. The chimpanzees are at the top followed by the monkeys. Next comes the carnivores, which include dogs, cats and foxes. After that are the grazing animals. Among those are the elephants, horses, pigs, cows, deer and zebra. Finally, the birds followed by reptiles, amphibians, and fish. ~ Rufus (a dog) had carried his owner to safety after she had snapped her foot off. ~Oscar, (a dog) had let his owner know that her baby was choking. ~Sarge, (a dog) had saved his owners uncle and brother from electricution by biting the electrical wire in half. But, doing so, poor Oscar had died. Just A Few of the Animals that Have Saved lives MLA citation: Hansen, Sherry and Brad, Mysteries of Animal Intelligence; True Stories of Animals with Amazing Abilities, New York, A Tor Book,1995, Print.
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