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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HOW OFTEN DO YOU PURCHASE THINGS ONLINE? double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. What does buying things online do to the environment? AMOUNT OF GAS USED Average amount of fuel burned on a 10 hour plane ride is 150,000 litres of fuel. From a different country the transportation used is a plane toyour country, and a storage truck to yourmail service. It may stop there or anothersmaller storage truck will bring the item to your address. AMOUNT OF PACKAGING USED A lot of packaging is used to make sure the items are shipped safely without damaging any products. In Australia, the amount of packaging made is about $7-7.5 billion Australian money ($6.62-7.10 billionCanadian money) estimated. THINGS YOU ARE ORDERING; ARE THEY FOUND IN LOCAL STORES OR MALLS? Some things we order are able to be found in local stores or malls such as, phone cases. Some phone cases that we buy online, can be found in stores. Not all things can be found in local stores, so in that case, it would be much easier to order things online. 1 HOUR RIDE 1 HOUR RIDE = 15,000 LITRES OF FUEL 15,000 LITRES OF FUEL 7.69% 11.54% 26.92% 34.62% 19.23% In Australia, the value of packaging made is about $7-7.5 billion Australian money ($6.62-7.10 billion Canadian money) estimated. 4 million tonnes of cardboard and paper used 4 million tonnes of cardboard and paper used 68 trees cut down. 68 trees cut down. • “As of 2003, the packaging sector accountedfor about two percent of the gross national productin developed countries. About half of this market was related to food packaging. unknown All that packaging was for one small USB. QUICK FACT QUICK FACT HOME LOCAL STORE/MALL less gas and packaging ANY PLACE IN WORLD HOME more gas + packaging WHY DOESN'T THE GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS? The government should pay attention to how online shopping is affecting our world. The government may not be doing anything for the following reasons: - some people make a living from online shopping. - companies online that sell things - things can be bought when toofar away from home or when it isnot sold in your country WHAT CAN WE DO TO CHANGE THIS IMPACT? (ALTERNATIVES) We can not do much because online shopping is very helpfuland helps many people. Online shopping is very useful when needing things that are very hard to find in a local store/mall.Some alternatives that can be placed, is such as getting all theneeds in a local store but not everything. Some "unique" things can still be stored online and bought there instead. Also buildingmore local stores and malls near areas will make people buy things more locally but still have the companies recieve money online. SOURCES - - -
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