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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Intersectionality How Everything Connects SEX Gender connects to intersectionality becausepeople born as female had to deal with men whoabused them and used them for sex. Gays, lesbians, transgenders also had to struggle withtheir sexual identity. The Women's Movement helped change everyone's opinion on how womenwere being treated. Movements The Peace Movement connects to intersectionalitybringing together a group of people who were tiredof the way they were being treated. The movementwas in the 1960's, when the US was in Vietnam, and the people of America didn't want to go to war.The people of color also helped in bringing in new laws that helped people of color, women, and others.The Peace Movement brought on new ideas like; freelove, polygamous marriages, drug use, etc. This help lead to the Environmental of the 70's,were people protested the damage done to the environment. People Of Color People of color connect to intersectionalitybecause of their struggle to be accepted without racism. Black's had to deal with torture,being slaves, segregation, racist whites, and even more. People like MLK and Malcolm X helpedshaped the way for blacks to get civil rights.Latin-Americans had to deal with people accusing themof being killers, druggies, rapists, etc. Asian-Americans dealt with racism due to things likeWorld War 2, Vietnam War, Cold War, and others.Native-Americans had to deal with their homeland being taken away from them by the English. War War can also tie into intersectionalityin that people fought for their rights andfor justice. There was racism in World War2, when the Nazi's would round up Jews andkill them. Similarly, the Japanese bombedPearl Harbor, showing how the hatedthe US. In the Vietnam War, we used morebombs than any war we've been in combined. Even today, the soldiers inAfghanistan are still killing innocentcivilians, showing how bad the US istowards people of color. All these connect in that they all suffered under the power of the white man. The movements of the 1960's led way to new movements. People of color eventually got the rightsthey deserved. Some people accept gay marriages and are allowed to do so in some states. War is still an issue todayand might continue into the future.
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