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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How and Why Are Leaves The Way They Are? How and Why Are Leaves The Way They Are? CholorophyII gives the leaf its green color. Why Is This Leaf Green?-This leaf is green because it has many cells containing chlorophyII. How Is This Possible?-The way the get chlorophyII is by photosynthesis. Photosynthesis happens and they get the lights sun for us to see. In reality, we would not be able to see the green if it were not for the sun When the chlorophyII breaks down, the yellow pigments are much easier to see. How Is This Possible?-This is possible since not that much photosynthesis is happening, it is lacking of sun so there is not much chlorophyII to make the leaf bright green. Why Is This Leaf Red?-This leaf is red because of their red pigments. In addition, they reason why they are red is because they are damaged. How Is This Possible?-The reason they are damaged are becaue they are lacking of food. They make food by the light of the sun. So that is why we usually see red leaves in the fall. There is not much sun. Why Is This Leaf Brown?-This leaf is brown because it is really lacking of light. Another reason why it is so brown is because many bugs are eating at it so it is hurt. How Is This Possible?-This is possible because it is fall and due to the weather, there is almost never any sunlight and because there is just to much water coming into the leaf. Why Is This Leaf Yellow?-This leaf is yellow because the chlorophyII breaks down. Why Do Pine Tress Always stay Green?: Pine tress are always green because they never stop their photosynthesis process. They make an antifreeze that is produced by their sap. always rain and foggy weather. How Is This Possible: This is possible because their sap is very strong and protects their pines. This Project Is Made By: Jorge Lopez and Elizabeth Banos in Period 5(Mrs.Paige's Biology Class)
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