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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How America Works America allows me and other residents to travel safely in the air around the globe for general reasons.:A few months ago I traveled by air to a wedding America allows me to communicate with many different devices and makes surethe access to them is fast, safe, and easy, to prevent harmto me or the device.: On a daily basis I use my phone to connect with family and friends. How America Works America ensures that no other nation harms us.They make sure we are protected by the best and we get what we deserve.Anything that gets into the way will be considered as a threat.:At a school board meeting I had the right to speak up for what Iwanted. America makes sure that when most of it's residents travel by road,the roads are safe. If any problem happens, immediately it will be taken care of for everyone's safety.:Yesterday I saw a pothole that had been covered by tar on a small road just for our safety. America allows us to not only communicate technology wise,but lets us send others materials or messages by hand, air, or sea. :Today I sent a long distance friend who lives in New York a birthday present America is very gracious to allow both genders education.Whilst most countries are cautious about it, America believes that kids are the future and so they should contain as much knowledge as possible!: Everyday I go to school and am allowed t learn what I should and what I want to! America works to be the best nation and tries to give as many opportunities as possible!
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