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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Houston, TX is the best city in America Houston is the No. 1 city for job creation in the U.S. It hosts the world's largest concentration of healthcare organizations, with scientists working hard to beat cancer. It's one of the centers of America's lucrative oil and gas industry. Houston's unemployment rate is significantly below the national level Massive internationaltrade gives other bigjobs boost to the rapidlygrowing city. Houston is called SpaceCity for a reason. It's home of the NASAAstronaut Corps. A paycheck goes fartherin Houston than anyother major metropolitanarea. Houston recently passedNew York to becomethe most ethnicallyand racially diversecity in the U.S. The combination of the university of Houston and Rice University means there are a bunch of smart people around. Houston's got more parks than any other top-ten metropolitan area. The city is filled with unique,world-class museums and cultural landmarks, likethe Rothko Chapel Housing is more affordable here. Houston didn't experience a housing bubble the way therest of the country did. There's a spectacular rangeof ethnic cuisines, fantastic seafood, and great BBQ.The New York Times calls "one of the country's mostexiting places to eat." Houston is home to morefortune 500 companyheadquarters than anywhere in America exceptfor New York. Houston has one of the largest Rodeos in the world. Ignore the Astros. The Texans,Rockets, and the Dynamo areall winners. Houston is a great place for Southern hip hop. David Silguero and Kyler Cantu
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