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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Housing of types Prisons and Jails Homeless Shelters Detox Centers TransitionalHalfway Housing Sober Living Housing Market Rate Housing for Recovering Addicts Hamilton County Jail is substantially becoming overcrowded by theamount addicts being housed. County Jail workers are becoming overwhelmed by their dual roles of having to fill their main positions and also serve as counselors and social workers. Collateral sanctions are added to the individual putting them at a disadvantage forfuture endeavors as they now have a criminal history. CCAT Detoxification Center provides short term temporary housing ranging from 3-28 days depending on specific service. Once these services are renderedthey will attempt to assist with housing options but it is not a guarantee. The Drop Inn Center in Cincinnati provides emergency shelter during the winter months. This temporary option operates from 8pm to 6am. Consequently their capacity of 222 is filled almost immediately so some individuals may be unable to obtain nightly housing Talbert House provides a halfway house for men and women.The length of stay is dependent on the court order with an average of 6-9 months. However this is not an option for permanent housing. New Foundations Transitional Living offers housing for recovering addicts. This program is housing only but does work with several agencies to provide resources. NFTL requires residents to maintain sobriety and employment to continue living there. There is a major shortage in sober living housing with the specific restrictions the city has set forth. Market rate housing is also a permanent housing option like sober living housing. Market rate takes the median income of the average area to designate rents. Typically these are above the rates that are affordable to the residents of the city. Furthermore as previously mentioned individuals who once were housed in a detentionfacility are now disqualified for this type of housing depending on criminal record.
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