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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Hourglass Hottie double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. To prevent from looking gaudy, try prints that are smaller than your fist, bigger less contrasting prints can work too. Interesting designs can redirect the eyes away to somewhere else you have more confidence in, Balance Your Silhouette! Create a slim bottom look by choosing fabrics with a little weigh that can flow and hang off your curves. With all her curves, the Hourglass may wish to look leaner. Elongate your body with sturdy shoes in a light or tan colour. Be careful around: Examples: Straight cut pants, bulky fabrics, fussy details for bottoms, strappy sillettos for fuller girls, thick horizontal stripe prints, skinny jeans, cargo pants. Pencil skirts are great, look for less bulky fabric with minimal stretch for a smart structured look. Fabrics and details that can make bottom look bulky and thus heavier. Go for simple pants that are wider in the hips, thin in the middle, then slightly flared at the ends to balance with your top half. How flattering! The Hourglass figure is more or less balanced in top and bottom, though sometimes you may have a heavier part of your body or a top with details that throws your silhouette off. Choose louder designs for areas you have confidence in and simple darker ones for parts you're conscious of. Have a collection of flashy accessories to help out, like bags or belts. Dress in monochromes or less contrasting tops and bottoms to look taller. Asymmetrical and slit designs can work too. If loose clothing is desired, choose either top or bottom and not both.
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