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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Global Hotel Industry Survey 2013: Emerging Trends in Technology, Sustainability, Health and Wellness Tourism Under the present economic conditions, cost savings and operational efficiency is considered aproductive option for hotel operators and suppliers to increase their revenue margins. Global economic uncertainty has forced companies to prioritize cost concerns, as demand withinthe industry is changing and regular purchasing patterns have been affected. For hotel industry suppliers, these changes require positive methods of securing new businesswhile maintaining revenues, as hotels review their supplier bases with increased focus to identifypotential cost savings. The hotel industry is optimistic about an increase in RevPAR and occupancy rates for 2013 North America, Europe, and the Rest of the World assigned high importance to locallysourced food and improving the environmental footprint of existing products and services.In addition, respondents from Asia-Pacific gave more importance to the use of eco-friendly cleaning products, the use of low-flow water systems, and the increased use ofrenewable energy. Health and wellness tourism set to grow in 2013 Cost savings, service innovation, increasing tourism and operational efficiency are key growth drivers The Timetric study reveals that buyer respondents are more optimistic about an increase in RevPAR and occupancy rates compared to supplier respondents. Global hotel industry respondents expect to increase expenditure on technology Wi-Fi technology, online reservations and high-speed internet access are the leadingtechnological facilities being provided to customers. Correspondingly, flat-screentelevisions, Wi-Fi technology, and online reservation are the key technological facilitiescustomers expect to see in luxury hotels. The majority of respondents will spend more on social media and networking sites in 2013. Luxury and other hotels have already introduced items on to their menus to meetthe needs of health and wellness tourists The use of eco-friendly cleaning products will be a key sustainable measure for hotels in 2013 According to the survey results, expenditure on online media channels such as social mediaand networking sites, mobile, and online portals is expected to increase in 2013.
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