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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HOTDOG COOKER-- TALAEAH INSULATION- What I did was I put tinfoil EVERYWHERE in my hotdog cooker as you can see in the picture below. I thought this would be a good insulator because tin foil is a great conductor as well. In this experiment my plan did work, it kept most of the inside warmer then it would have without tin foil. VOLUME-I used a larger box (not a shoebox) because I thought the volume of the shoe box I had was too small. So I used a box that you would use to move. This didn't work because I learned that having a bigger box means air is going to get out more because there is more room. And it didn't help that my box was open as well CONDUCTION-I put a medal "squire" it was really just a medal clothes hanger that I had untwisted. But anyway I put that it so I could twist the hotdog while it was cooking to get it evenly cooked. This did work ok during the experiment. I mean the "squire" worked pretty well. But some other stuff additional to the box made it work not as good. CONVECTION- I put the hotdog ABOVE the lightbulb because heat rises. It worked WONDERFULLY! It got way hotter then it would've if I had put it below the cooker. REFLECTION- I placed a cardboard slab above the actual cooker with some support so it won't fall off, and on the actual slab I placed tin foil on it so the light would reflect onto the hotdog. This worked out really good, because it was reflecting the light as I planned it would. tap and hold to changethis text!
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