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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHAT BEES POLLONATE COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER: THE HONEYBEE There are many components of why colony collapse disorder is happeningand here are a few of what's happening with the bee itself WHERE IT`S HAPPENING DAMAGE TO HONEYBEES SOURCES WEIRD THEORIES OF THE DISAPPEARING BEES Images from:Google ImagesPixabay There are some random theories that have been thought to be the cause but scientists have ruled them out. Bees are a big contribution to pollinating our plants. Without them, we wouldn't have much of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Colony collapse disorder is very deadly, but it doesn`t happen everywhere. It is happening in USA and a few Europeancountries. It in`t happening here though, but our bes are dying of the cold. Newfoundland is the only placethat isn`t experiencing be deaths in North America so everyone is going there to see what they are doing. apples oranges peaches cotton almonds 100% 90% 90% 80% 80% A few of them are that the cell phone wave lengthswere interfering with the bees' honing abilityand that Russians were using satellites to zap bees. (labeled for reuse) double click to change this header text! Facts from:Vanishing of the Bees documentaryBeekeeper Barry Images 90% tangerines grapefruit 7% 90% 90% cherries There are multiple reasons thatthe bees are disappearing but a fewof the are: stress from commercial beekeeping, pesticides,pests like the varroa mite, and a weak gene pool.
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