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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A special Thanks from Honey Boy Edwards Honey boy came to us over a year ago-malnurished and it horrible conditions from the San Bernadino Shelter were he was picked up as a stray. It was later a discovered his had ingested horrible matter that ended him up in the emergency vet very shortly after he arrived. He went into foster care and it was then shortly discovered he has mass cell cancer lumps all over his body that were aggressive. We found a great oncologist to go to and he began treatment as soon as possible to remove the cancer and live a happy cancer free life. Honey Boy is a very special boy-given all he has gone through and the lack of human companion ship his lacked in life he still remains one of the kindest most loving dog I have ever met. Being his foster mom has been a challenge but has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever but I could not have done it without all of yourSupport. All the countless advice I've needed when he ate something weird or wouldn't go to the bathroom. Your support has made it possible for me to continue to foster him and love him, actually it impossible to meet honey boy and not love him as you would your own dog-he really is that special.This weekend we took a long drive down to Monterey County where Honey Boy spent the day with the most amazing ladies that will soon be Honey Boy's mom and I can's describe how happy he will be in his new home. They have a beautiful backyard with lots of grass for him to graze on-there will always be someone home for him to help cook lunch with and to keep their feet warm. It's been a long journey but to see what an amazing life he will live it's all worth it. Photos Courtesy Andrew Wong Photography
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