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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Yes or no to homework I have a camp out this weekend and I have some homework to do but how can I get it to my schedule❔❓❔❓💡 Ihave the solution to the problem is to do it before and so I don't get bad grades. Here are why I'd rather do homework is to get good grades, it makes life easier, and get scholarships. One, it can get you good test scores by helping you study for the test. But one thing that you should remember is that good test scores mean better grades. The second thing that you should remember is that better grades means better chances. Two, it makes life easier by passing through high school. Doing homework is hard I know I'm in that side of it but I still get through life because of it. You and everyone needs to do homework to get through life with little or no steps in the way. Three, you can get scholarships to go to very long and good colleges. That's the best way to get new and good jobs,to get money, to get a house, to get a car, and become a billionaire for the rest of your life. You might remember all of this better by writing this on a note. Like I said I had homework over that weekend but got it done before we got there. If you ask me if I had homework I would say yes I still have homework and it still gets me through life. Remember me when you get in school I'll write a note and put it on the desk right beside you. (P.S. Don't say it's hard just do it all until you get out of school)
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