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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VENICE - 2015 You can make your dreams come true... Denominated city channels geographically, Venice is located in the northeast of Italy and extends from the Adriatic Sea, back into two important rivers: the River Po in the south and the River Piave in the north.So, this wonderful city in Italy, is composed at 120 islands connected by 800 bridges. You can reach Venice from the mainland by the Liberty Bridge, which accesses the Piazzale Roma . There´s no traffic in the inner city. Public transportation is done by boats known as vaporetti How to Get there You can find the Marco Poloand Treviso Sant´Angelo Airport, hidden in the outskirts on mainland If you come to Venice by car, remember that Venice is an island where there are no streets but channels. Therefore, there is only one large area where you can park your car in Venice, at the entrance of the city, where there is public parking. DAY 1 SAN MARCOS SQUAREThis square is themajor tourist attraction in Venice, where the most importantmonuments such as the Basilica of San Marco or the Ducal Palace are concentrated. These monuments andenjoying the atmosphere andcharm of the Plaza de San Marcos can take full day DAY 2 Grand Canal in VeniceThe Grand Canal is the major route traversings the City . For your stay inVenice you can use the Grand Canal to get tothe diferent neighboarhoods or Sestrieres.And on the Grand Canal you can visit Great monuments, suchas the Rialto Bridge. DAYS 3 y 4 ISLANDS OF VENICE LAGOONIt is worth spending one or two full days to visitsome islands of the lagoon.The recommended excursion is to go by vaporetto ,to visit of the islandsMurano , Burano and Torcello. In Addition to pasta and pizza dishes Known to all, the cuisine of Venice istightly bound to the sea . The fish and shellfish o the Adriatic are of high quality and there are many restaurants especializados. Otros dishes include carpaccio, risottos (especially the risotto di pesce ) and viscera. .
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