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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Homeless Veterans The Statistics 57,849 Veterans PTSD in Veterans is Caused by intense Trauma Although mostly male veterans suffer from homeless, female veterans also suffer. In 2010 there were about 3,328 and rising homeless female veterans. Symptoms may include:- Recurring nightmares and flashbacks of the event-Difficulty sleeping-Intense anger towards any places or people that remind one of the event(s) that took place-Feeling irritable or on gaurd For these veterans who have fought in the war, it is no surprise that they have experienced some intense trauma. For many veterans the fight doesn't end when they return home, all the painful memories of war don't just simply go away for them. The result is PTSD. PTSD is cause by any intense trauma, and for soldiers they face it almost every day. In war the death of a fellow soldier is not uncommon and this can really devastate someone. After the war veterans try to forget those painful memories with drugs and alcohol, but it never works and they always end up more messed up then they started. PTSD is most common in Vietnam war veterans . in the U.S. are homeless on any given night. Also 247,243 veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan have been diagnosed with PTSD *PTSD can also lead to other problems including; depression, drug/alcohol abuse, and other mental and physical problems. PTSD victims often have problems socially, making it very hard for veterans returning from war to find jobs Effects of PTSD Not only male Veterans suffer from Homelessness They make up 31% of the total population of Veterans with PTSD. H