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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mayoral Candidates Mayoral Candidates San Luis Obispo 2014 General Municipal Election San Luis Obispo 2014 General Municipal Election Jan Marx Jeffery Conley Specht Jeffery Conley Specht Donald E. Hedrick Donald E. Hedrick Homelessness Homelessness City Council Candidates City Council Candidates Mike Clark Mike Clark Carlyn Christianson Carlyn Christianson Dan Cano Dan Cano Dan Rivoire Dan Rivoire Gordon Mullin Gordon Mullin Served as mayor past four years -Served as mayor past four years -26-year SLO resident, former lawyer, and business owner -Plans to champion neighborhood stabilization, workforce housing, open space preservation, and pedestrian and bicycle Masterplan implementation -Entrepreneur, SLO native -Believes increased taxes and fees are making SLO unaffordable -Wants to fire city manager and attorney and cut back city employees' salaries -Plans to repeal city ordinance against sleeping in vehicles -Community activist, artisan -Ran for mayor four times -Plans to elect himself to air pollution board -Platform is anti-crime and corruption and pro-civil rights -Wants to increase government accountability -Executive director of San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition -Cal Poly alum, lived in SLO for past decade -Two terms as chair of SLO Chambers Sustainability and Resources Committee -Focus on transportation, infrastructure and enhancing community well-being Democrat -Democrat -No political party affiliation -Wants to address budget problems like unfunded pension liabilities -Plans to look for new workforce housing opportunities -Retired army officer -Concerned about financial stresses on young families and small businesses -Believes relationship between Cal Poly and city is "fraying" -Executive director of nonprofit "The Link" -Experience as a business owner, sales and marketing director -Sees a need for leaders with direct experience to address the issues Democrat -Democrat Democrat -Democrat Republican -Republican Democrat -Democrat -Focusing on housing for baby boomers and the homelessness problem Republican -Republican -Financial advisor, businessman, SLO High School alum -Concerned with financial stability and overspending -In favor of periodic reviews of city regulations -City council member for one year Republican -Republican -Served on two San Luis Obispo County Grand Juries -Committed to values of environmental protection, cultural richness, economic vitality and fair, sensible government. Election Day is Nov. 4 (Vote for no more than two) -Wants to take a balanced approach to the homelessness issue
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