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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Holograms Holograms HOLOGRAMS HOLOGRAMS In 2014, Michael Jackson preformed at the Billboard Music Awards. How is that possible when he died in 2009? ? OVERVIEW OVERVIEW HOW IT WORKS HOW IT WORKS USESBENEFITS USES/BENEFITS COST COST GLOSSARY GLOSSARY Holograms are recordings of reflected light. Holography is a photographic technique that records the light scattered from an object, and then presents it in a way that appears 3D. ? Holograms are real images (as they are produced at converged light rays) and are 3D.They also move just like an object because of the information obtained from the light waves. Light travels from the object comes from one single direction and enters the lens Records 2D patterns of light, dark and colour If one changes the angle they are looking the image at, the rays of the light reflected travel along different paths to meet your eyes. A regular transmission hologram is created by the use of a laser, interference and diffraction. A laser differs from other sources of light in that it emits light coherently. Interference is when two or more waves are in the same space, and they join together resulting peak inbeing is twice as high. Diffraction occurs when waves bend (similar to when light bends in refraction) or when waves spread out after they pass through small openings. For each point at which light shines, the hologram contains all of the information from the object. , PROS PROS CONS CONS - Identity protection: holograms provide original patterns for one's personal identity on credit cards.- Cost effective (especially for rainbow holography- many credit cards produced for less)- Provides authentication, as holograms are difficult to duplicate and makes the item authentic.- Quick and easy form of validation- Decreases counterfeit - Requires expensive technology- Time consuming when creating images- Varies in different lighting. It is difficult to create images in changing environments.- Not a stable market for this product. The demand for this will vary time to time.- Improvement needed to make it more efficent for regular use. 1947: Dennis Gábor developed the principle of holography1960: Theodor Maiman invented the laser1963: Emmeth Leith improved the recording technique1965: Juri Denisjuk invented the white-light-holography1967: The first hologram of a person1968: Stephen A. Benton invented the rainbow-transmission holography1971: Award of the Nobel Prize to Dennis Gábor for the invention of holography The laser is a coherent source of light. The beam of light hits the beam splitter, which is a semi-reflecting plate. It enables the beam to split into two: an object beam and a reference beam. The reference beam is also widened by a beam spreader and the light reflects off a mirror and shines on the photographic plate. The object beam is extended by a beam spreader and the light is reflected off the object and is projected onto the photographic plate. The reference and object beams meet at the photographic plate and create the interference pattern that records the amplitude of the light waves (meaning the colors and shades). 1) Compact discs players use holograms to handle light.2) Holograms on credit cards and debit cards minimize counterfeiting as holograms are difficult to forge(people will have to reverse the entire process with the use of rays)3) Medical doctors can use 3D holographic CAT scans to make measurements without surgery. 4) Holographic optical elements are used for navigation by pilots. A holographic image of the cockpit instruments appears to float in front of the windshield. This allows the pilot to keep his eyes on the runway or the sky while reading the instruments. This feature is available on some models of automobiles. Holograms and photographs are permanent record of light reflected off an object. The cost of Michael Jackson's hologramperformance in the 2009 Billboard Awardscost nearly $500k. This performance tookyears for it to produce, and it took a longprocess to perfect the presentation. Theseholograms are known as reflection holograms, and are more costly comparedto any other hologram due to the productioncosts for the white incandensence lights (which will help the image get its colour)At a retail level, holograms are quite costeffective and are assembled for low charge. For example, a rare Chaziard Pokemon card only costs $4.00. These are rainbowholograms. $ $ $ $ $ $ HISTORY HISTORY The HP company are currently working on laptops that have 3D features - with a display of holographic images! Holograms are recordings of light. The images shown in a hologram is 3D, and it is able to move. Holograms are used in our daily lives, for example, your credit card has a hologram in it. Holograms are also used for entertainment, such as the performance at the Billboard Music Awards where Michael Jackson came to life.Holograms will also be used in new technologyin the future to project 3D images on computersand cellphones. Holography is a revolution forboth science and technology. By looking at an object, light reflected off of the surface of an object and creates a 3D image in your head. Images are 3D. Another type of hologram is a rainbow hologram, whichis seen in a credit card. These holograms can be viewed under a white light and when eyes are moved vertically, one is able to see the colours of a rainbow. CHARACTERISTICSOF A HOLOGRAM CHARACTERISTICSOF A HOLOGRAM FUN FACT FUN FACT FUN FACT FUN FACT FUN FACT FUN FACT Diffraction: it is described as an interference of waves.Holography: the study or production of holograms.White light: colourless light that contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum at equal intensity.Coherence: a fixed relationship between the phase of waves in a beam of that has a single and constant frequency.Interference: the process in which two or more waves combine(the combination will have an amplitude that is the sum of the amplitudes of the individual waves.White light: light that contains all the colours of the rainbow (ex: sunlight) Dennis Gabor. A hologram of a mouse at different views. Thisallows the mouse to seem 3D. PURPOSE PURPOSE $ $ $ $
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