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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I Have Lived A Thousand YearsBy: Livia Bitton-Jackson "I am fourteen years old, and I have lived a thousand years." (page 205, para. 7) Elli and her family are taken to Nagyamagyar where all the Jews from Somoroja will be placed in the ghetto there, until future deportation. Elli and her family except for her dad, are deported out of the ghetto and taken on a train to Aushwitz, their first concentration camp. Mommy does not hear. She is holding Bubi's bleeding head in her lap. I shriek hysterically, " Mommy! Leave him alone! You can't help him. Lie down so you don't get killed... Mommy, please, please, please dont get killed." I know this is the end. Yet somehow, somehow I must survive. Even though everyone around me is dying I want to stay alive. Panic paralyzes me into one obsessive thought: to live! To live!" (page, 193) "I'm numb with cold. With hunger. With death and blood, and the rattle of the train rolling on and on...Freedom, at last. Why don't I feel it? Why don't I feel it?"(page, 205. para, 9.) Elli, her mother, and her brother immigrated and had just reached America! The Statue of Liberty was the first thing they saw which signified they had reached, and they all begin to celebrate to a new life. The Germans come to the train where the Jews are being held and offer soup in the vehicles of the Red Cross. It ends up to be a trap and results in the murder of many Jews as the Germans begin a machine gun fire in disguise of the Red Cross. The Germans have surrendered, and the Americans have found Elli and the rest of the Jews after they arrested their guards. They are freed and taken home! Elli, her mom, and her brother arrived at Aushwitz, their first concentration camp. Here the men and women were separated so Elli was taken from her brother. They later found her two cousins and aunt Celia becoming a family of five. Elli and her mom are then taken again to camp Plaszow where her mom becomes paralyzed due to a terrible accident. Elli and her mom have arrived to a new place called Augsburg where they are treated nicely, but only for a little bit till the German behavior returns. They begin to work in the factory Michaelwerke where the conditions seemed to have compared to Aushwitz. By: Meena Pandit5th period 3/17/15
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