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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Should Survivors of the Holocaust forgive the Nazi Soliders? No YES Is it okay for them to forgiven after everything that they have done? Dr. Mengele used Eva Kor and her twin sister in tortures experiments during theHolocaust. Some want to forgive so they can not longer be a victim "i stopped being a victim and that makes me a very powerful person." said Eva Kor Its a cardinal principle of Judeo- Christian ethics that forgiveness must always be granted to the sincerely repentant. The only seeming exception to this in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures is in the New Testament allusions to the "unforgivablesin against the Holy Spirit". (Sunflower pg.136) Others forgive so they can be at peace. Leo Beack was a survivor of the Holocaust. " An honest peace must always contain within itself the remembrance of the past. The shadows still live in the present and will be part of the future." "I want to die in peaceso I need...." said dyingSS man. (Sunflower pg.54) Forgiving is something we choose to do for our own well-being, and is not dependent on an apology from another. Forgiveness is not justice, You may pursue your rights for justice with or without forgiving someone. And if justice is denied, you can still choose whether or not to forgive ("What is forgiveness?"). Forgiveness creates within yourself whether justice has been served or not.
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