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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By Leon Leyson WORDS OF POWER " 'You can't sit there,' he said. 'The back seats are for Negroes...'His words hit me like a hard slap. Suddenly I had a flashback to Krakow, when the Nazis ordered us Jews to the back of the bus. The context was very different, but nonetheless it almost made my head explode. Why would something like this exist in America? I had mistakenly believed that such discrimination was unique to Jews suffering under Nazi oppression. Now I discovered that there was inequality and prejudice in this country that I had already come to love."(Page 190) The Boy on the Wooden Box "Despite impossible odds, we had made it. Miraculously, Oskar Schindler, this complex man of many contradictions-Nazi opportunist, schemer, courageous maverick, rescuer, hero- had saved nearly 1200 Jews from almost certain death."(Page 164) Leon, before the Holocaust, lived with his family happily in the small village of Narewka. Leon's father found work as a machinist in a glass factory in Krakow and eventually moved Leon's family there. New laws limiting the actions of the Jews, like banishment from public transportation, came into effect. Eventually, all the Jews were moved into the Krakow ghetto where they faced more hardships The Leysons were relocated to the Plaszow Concentration Camp. Leon described the place and his experiences there as "hell on earth." Oskar Schindler adds the Leyson family to his list of Jewish workers and saves them from the sadistic director of Plaszow. Schindler is forced to relocate his factory and workers to Brunnlitz and change his production to armaments. Whilst waiting for the factory to be set up once more, the workers are sent to the Brunnlitz camp and endure more hardships. The war ends and Schindler releases the Jews, giving them a parting gift of blue cloth, vodka, and their freedom. Leon, along with his mother and father, immigrates to America in order to start anew. Eventually Leon will open up about his experiences during the war and become a speaker at several venues.
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