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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Marys Guide to a Merry Holiday Season 90% of Americans report stressing over at least one aspect of the Holiday season 31% of MMJ patients deal with Chronic Pain11% deal with Arthritis pain9% deal with Migraines Medicating Discreetly Although medical marijuana use is now legal in 23 states and recreational use is allowed in 4, responsible, discreet medicating should always be a priority. Transdermal patches, gel pens, compounds and high bioavailability capsules are good options.The best part is that no one will know you medicated, except for you. Terpenes and terpenoids give cannabis varieties their distinctive properties, aromas and flavors. - Citral has strong antimicrobial qualities. - Myrcene is reported to induce sleep. - Limonene is reported to elevate mood. - Pinene is reported to have anti-microbialand anti-inflammatory properties. It also gives pine trees, and cannabis that smell you love. Terpenes & Terpenoids 92% of patients say medical marijuana works Sources:;jsessionid=99FD7DBC60A6CE49D5B95800998006C2.f01t02 Research shows that transdermal delivery is themost effective method of delivering cannabis to the bodyas it enters the blood stream directly. When smoked or eaten, patients may lose up to 70% of the cannabis consumed via air vaporization, metabolism and stomach acid. This can beinefficient and makes accurate dosing difficult. Can cannabinoids & terpenes save the holidays? Bioavailability? double click to change this header text! Researchers estimate that there are 80 or more cannabinoids and dozens of terpenes in cannabis. Cannabinoids replicate endocannabinoids, compounds our bodies naturally produce to balance and control communication between cells. Researchers believethat diseases occur when a deficiency or problem affects the endocannabinoid system. Step 1. Relax. Transdermal -100% Sublingual - 60% Smoked - 26.5% Edible - 10% Cannabinoids - Exhausted? THCa is reported to provide an energizing boost for many patients. - Back pain from hauling that 20' tree into the living room? Try some Indica, or a pinch of CBC compound. - On your feet all day cooking? Patients tell us that if you rub CBC compound onto sore feet, youll be feeling better in no time! - Ate too much turkey? THC, especially, Indica, has been reported to aid digestion. - Anxiety about meeting the new in-laws? Both THCa and CBD are reported to have calming effects. - Cant sleep because youre so excited about all those presents? Patients tell us that CBN does wonders for insomnia. - Grandma got run over by a reindeer? Call 911. Absorbtion Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. Cannabinoids (such as THC, at left) are the chemical compounds within cannabis reported to relieve many ailments.
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