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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Angry "Old" Holden Holden over thinksthings to the point where hegets angry and makes rash decisions."Most guys at Pencey just talked about having sexual intercourse with girls all the timelike Ackley, for instancebut old Stradlater really did it. I was personally acquainted with at least two girls he gave the time to. That's the truth" (38). Holden constantly changes his mind about people going from love to hate. Stradlater is super dreamy: he's an athlete, he's handsome, he's got a nice body, he's always walking around in a towel to show off that body, and,oh yeah, he's a "goddam stupid moron" (32). Holden has crippled himself from his anger and cannot move forward in his life. Thus is why he is still a virgin even through he says he wants to lose his virginity. "It was a funny thing tosay. It sounded like a real kid.You'd think a prostitute and all wouldsay "Like hell you are" or "Cut the crap"instead of "Like fun you are" ( 125). Holden has turned towards constant substance abuse to hide his anger from others and himself. "There isn't any nightclub in the world you can sit in fora long time unless you can at least buy some liquor and getdrunk." (86). Holden eventually solves his problems with quick explosions that destroy relationships and make him feel even worse."The next part I don't remember so hot. All I know is I got up from the bed, like I was going down to the can or something, and then I tried to sock him, with all my might, right smack in the toothbrush, so it would split his goddam throat open. […] It probably would've hurt him a lot, but I did it with my right hand, and I can't make a good fist with that hand. On account of that injury I told you about." (32). Holden sees red when he looks at the world he is angry with how people act and how "phony" they are even though he is just as phony. They were coming in the goddam window. For instance, they had this headmaster, Mr. Haas, that was the phoniest bastard I ever met in my life. (60).
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