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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Columbu s vs. Hitler Columbus Command, Force, and Victim Hitler NKVD Athough Columbus and Hitler lived in two very different eras and with a very different goal,their scenarios are eerily similar; commander orders the men who execute the command and then the command reaches the victims, issuing death and destruction. Hitler Jews Columbu s The Crew Tainos Victim Comparison Tainos VS. Jews World War II,A different look Executioner Comparison C Crew VS. NKVD(Columbus' Crew) The Soviet Secret Police (NKVD) and Columbus's crew are the ones who did the hard work,they were the ones who provedthemselves loyal by torturing,killing, and capturing the victims.Both scenarios are different and thesame, in many ways. One of thoseways, is the executioners that carryout the commands of their superiors. Commander Comparison Columbus VS. Hitler Although Hitler was the top of the line as it goes forGermany, He was still a commander. Columbus, on theother hand, was the second commander in line, only tothe King and Queen of Spain. These two commanders aredifferent in that way, but there similarity is gruesome. They were both the bad people who ordered their men tokill, capture, and torture millions of innocent people. Jewish people and Taino Indians are the victims in both scenarios, they were both innocent people whothe commanders thought they needed to slaughter. Even though the commanders had their reasons forkilling, the victims had done nothing wrong.
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