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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Electronic Log Verification Tool (ELVT) Client Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc Objective To provide HITACHI team with a tool that can scan through the log files of various automated tests conducted on their Hard Disk Drive (HDD) products (of various size and shapes) and determine if a test passedor failed. The tool will automate the current manual task of scanning the log files by > 25 operators on 2 Full shifts. Functions * Web Based application with a multi-layer architecture* Scans, validates and parses the Log Files (Text) into XML* Scans, validates and parses data from generated XML files into SQL Server DB* Built in intelligence to identify each product type and check for the results of the different product specific tests conducted as well as the order in which these product specific tests were conducted. * Interactive Web Interface for users to run the test and view the results without scanning through log files Modules TEXT to XML Parser :Converts the test log files, generated by the tester, to XML files XML to SQL Server Database Converter:Parses the XML file and save the data into SQL Server database. Verification Engine :Runs a combination of complex Business Rules to derive the status of a test as Pass or Fail. Objectstream * Managed the complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) of the system* Built application on ASP.NET MVC framework (Microsoft's tried & tested framework for building scalable web applcations)* Followed Agile (SCRUM) development methodology to embrace change & deliver business value in each sprint* The User Acceptance Testing returned 0 critical bugs Completed! Completed! Interactive User Interface :A user interface to initiate an automated test and view the test results in various aggregated formssuch as by Individual Product Type, Group of similar products etc Multi Language Support :Web application supports Test execution and results representation in 3 languages:English, Japanese & French. The application is to be used across multiple Geographical locations
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