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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Details Cost Details 1st June --- 9th June Duration $2494.43 Contact us Tel: Day 1 WW2 Trail Anne Frank House located on the Prisengracht canal in Amsterdam,The Netherlands, is a museum dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank,who hid from Nazi persecution with her family andfour other people in hidden rooms at the rear of the building.The rooms in the house though empty, still breathe the atmosphere of that period of time during WW2. 6338 4455 Fax: Email: 6532 3833 The Netherlands Highlights France double click to change this header text! The idyllic coast and beautiful beaches hide scars from the Allied invasion of 1944, D-Day. Also known as Operation Overlord, German bunkers and defence lines can still be seen and you can pratically smell the cordite from the guns used back then. Aside from pristine beaches, this region is also known for good food and cheeses. Munich Ranked by Monocle as the world'smost livable city in 2010, it is popularlyknown for its beer festival, Oktoberfest.It also has a dark history, being the placewhere Hitler concentrated most of his Nazi Party supporters. Explore Dachau Concentration Camp, the first of its kind set up by the Nazis. Experience the horror of those who suffered heavily under Nazi rule. Nuremberg Famous for its medieval undergroundpassageways, this city was also home to the Nazi Party, where many famous speeches by Hitler and his ministers weregiven. This place is also home to the Nurembergtrials after WW2, when many Nazi leaders were tried for war crimes. Berlin No other city has experienced as much asBerlin. It's a must go forall history buffs out there.Aside from WW2 and Cold Warattractions, it is also home to many world famous artsexhibits. What better way to enjoy the sights of Berlin witha box of currywurst, which isfamous curry sausage. This 5-in-1 package trip offersdeep insights into the various cities that will be visited. From Amsterdam to Berlin, the trip comprises of visits to many placesof historical significance, while at the same time exploring the various scenic sights and iconic places ofinterest, fully immersing yourselfinto the culture of various cities.What's more, this trip costs below$2500 excluding personal expenditure. For any queries, we may be contacted in the variousforms below. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and book now!
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