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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1972 1833 1877 1970's 1911 1920 1921 1832 First person to demonstratethe illusion of moving images in 1832. Phenakistoscope (Spindle viewer) 1832. Created the Zoetrope in 1833.Created moving pictures. William George Horner Otto Messmerused cel animation to create his cartoons. He created "Felix the cat in 1920. Charles Emile Reynaud Created the praxinoscope in France in 1877.Reynaud Was responsible for the firstanimated cartoon. George Melies Winsor McCayused comicstrips to illustrate his cartoon.He created "little Nemo"in 1911.He also created "Gertie the Dinosaur". Winsor McCay Aardman used stop motionclay animation to make their cartoons and animations. Aardmen also created"Wallace and Gromitand Chiken Run". Aardman Walter Elias Disneywas the founder of Walt Disney Studios.They created hand drawn characters, such asMickey Mouse which was created in 1921. Walt Disney George Meliesused fade in and out in his movies.He made over 500 films.He presented his first filmin April in 1896. Joseph Plateau Naveesha Kodikara History of Animation 1832 - 2015 Otto Messmer Pixar 1975 1986 Edwin Catmull &Steve Jobs were the founders of Pixar.They created 3D computer based animation by using CGI.They are still using CGI today to create many of the movies. Hanna- Barbera used cel animation to create their cartoons.They first started animation in 1975.They created,"The Jetsons, The finstonesand scooby- doo. Hanna - Barbera
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