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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1814 1769 Finally Empreror Birthplace 1779 Chance for glory 1785 After School Napoleon signed a decree ordering a blockade to prevent all trade and communicationbetween Great Britain andother European nations. This event helps him rise to powerby blocking trade routes which means the can't join force to outnumber him in a war. Early School Leading a French Army 1806 Forcible closingof ports At the age of 16, hefinished school and became a lieutenantin the artillery. This event helps him rise to power by having a kowledge in artillery thatcomes in handy later on. 1795 Napoleon's Downfall British and Prussian joined force to defeat their army. They lost Napoleon'slast bid of power, called the Hundred Days. He soon died in 1821 of a stomach ailment. 1796 1800 New Constitution 1815 Hundred Days A Visual History of The directory had lost control of the political situation and the confidence of the French people.This event helps him rise to power by getting achance to earn the confidence back showing loyalty when he fights with other countries. Napoleon Napoleon decided to make himself emperor, and the French voterssupported him. This eventhelps him rise to power byhaving control of everything. The Directory appointed Napoleonto lead a French army againstforces of Austria and theKingdom of Sardinia. This event helps him rise by having a chance to win and get the adoration of many people Napoleon was born onthe Mediterraneanisland of Corsica. Napoleon got a scholarship to go to a military school. During his time there,he got teased for not being a high noble child.This event helps himrise to power by preparing himto be independentat such a young age. A governement offical told Napoleon to defend the delegates. He used a cannon and easily won the attack. This event helps him rise to power by showing that he is capeable of leading well. DIrectory losing power 1799 A new constitution was written that was done by a plebiscite (vote of the people). 1804 In the Battle of Leipzig, the allies cut his inexperinced army to pieces. This downfallsoon leads him to leave his throne and accept defeat.
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