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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History of Internet History of Internet ARPANET Before 1975: computers worked through a process call Batch Processing. ONE TASK AT A TIME TIME-SHARING 1957 "Multiple users connected to one computer through a remote connection." REMOTE CONNECTIONA direct connection between the user and the computer. 4/10/57 The first unmanned satellite was sent by SOVIETIC UNION To mantain Americanleads in technologyUSA creates: Defense Advanced Research Project Agency - (DARPA) "DARPA creates in 1966 a large-scale computer network, in order to accelerate knowledge transfer and avoid doubling up of already existing research." This networkwould become the... Scientific Network CYCLADES National Physical Laboratory "NPL" Commercial Network "THE FOUR NETWORKS THAT ARE THE FOUNDATIONS FOR OUR MODERN INTERNET" Military Network - RAND 1962 The missiles discovered in Cuba by Americans demands ... A decentralized network, to avoid breakdown because in case of an attack does not matter if a node gets damage the network would still be operative. For communication they need to use direct waves, however those doesn`t have a long range. That`s why a distributed network, solve the problem the long distances could be covered with a minimum of interface. INTER-NET Communication with other networks. In order to avoid online congestion, the sent files were divided into smaller packets, and in the reciever were put again together. PACKET SWITCHING The IMP works as an interface for the main frame, and is in charge of the network activities. Mainframe is only in charge of the initialization of programs and data files. IMP IMP-subnet For the first communication between computersa network control program was created. (NCP) Then is replaced for a Transmission Control Protocol. (TCP) The verification of file transfer. Cyclades` protocol was used in all machines:A physical layer that was implemented into the hardware, that provides a direct connection withthe receiver an end to end structure. The ISO designed the OSI reference model. That standardize the network from its ends and the channel`s division into separate layers. TCP / IP protocol "A standard which guaranteed compatibility between networks and finally merged them, creating the internet." O S I
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