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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Earth, it is the home of the human race and life as we know it. But it won't last forever, so when the Earth does die no one will have a backup plan,but we will. Our plan is to colonize the planet Mars and make it into the new "Earth". If you go to Mars, you'll be apart of the first colony off of Earth ever. We'll have the best technology available and we'll have farms and water sources. We'll need people that are experts at architecture, science, health, teaching, and politics. The things that can happen to you if you go to Mars are endless. First, you could make money for colonizing Mars. Second, you would be teamed upped with experts in a certain study, so you can learn from them and you can teach them. Third, we could discover aliens ( if they do exist on Mars) and become partners with them. These are just a few of the endless opportunities you can get by coming with us and colonizing Mars. We need the best of the best to be able to start the first colony on Mars. We need: biologist, scientist, doctors, teachers, architects, and engineers. They also need to be able to cooperate or else things could go horribly wrong. They also need to be quick, brave, honest, and nice to others, so conflict doesn't happen much. The people we need and jobs Possibilities The other perks of colonizing Mars The final reason why you should come to Mars with us is because of the fun, and adventures you would get to go on. An example is you get to explore Mars first-hand. You get to go to places no ones gone before. After that, the natural resources we could find like a fossil fume, a jewel, or maybe a sign of alien life. These are the most exciting things you can do anywhere. This is just one of the many reason you should come to Mars with us. tap and hold to change this title text! If interested, contact (720) 526-9798 or email us at m Come to Mars
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