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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mexican Revolution Mexican Revolution French Revolution French Revolution The Mexican revolution began onSeptember 1810 and was startedby a priest named Father Hidalgo who called for equal rights among the Mexican-born Spaniards or criollos. . The French revolution startedon 1789 and the majority of the people that revolted werein the third estate or lower class. The third estate revolted against the higher estates. The third estate was the lower class in France and they hoped to gain more rightsand better representation first through theGeneral Estates Meeting but then thoughrevolution The Mexican born Spaniard's or criollos revolted against Spain's government because of how they were viewed as second class citizens.They wanted to end Spanish rule. The Mexican revolution was planned out by a priest Father Hidalgo and Captain Ignacio Allende. Though the plansgot leaked to Spanish soldiers and their arrest was ordered. Father Hidalgo then gave a speech asking for change The people overthrew the government by using war and the military. The Spanish government responded by starting a war to stop the criollos. After the revolution the government that arose wasmuch different from what theywanted. Instead of a democracyor republic a military dictatorship came from the revolution The people of France knew a a revolution was coming because of the wave of philosophers, propaganda andthe growing problems of thepeople made revolution inevitable. The people took control of thegovernment of France through warfare and with the help ofmilitary startegists and soldiers The ruler of France King Louis didnot give into the demands of the people. He was finally executed on 1793. The new government took overand did give everybody equality andliberty but not before the Reign of Terror. .
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