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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My History As A Reader 2004 - 2014 By Luke Brezac 2014 2004 During this period, I was in potty training so this book helped me understand what sometimes happens. 2006 Everyone Poops By: Taro Gomi The Berenstain Bears Series By: Jan and Stan Berenstain First learning to read at 4, I loved this series, it had some up and down moments which made me eager to read. 2008 Fly Guy BooksBy: Tedd Arnold In 1st grade, Fly Guy became one of my go to quick read books. I liked them because they were very funny for some reason. Magic Tree House SeriesBy: Mary P. Osborn 2009 Starting to read chapter books,Magic Tree House books whereintriguing and I really wantedto read them all the time so I fell in love with those in 2nd grade 2010 2011-2012 2013 LEGO ClubMagazine During the 3rd grade, I kindof put of reading for somereason and read magazinesbecause this was my LEGO year when I really got into them. Out of My MindBy: Sharon Draper Knowing I love realistic fiction, this was probably my favoritebook ever! It described the roleof a disabled person in such adescriptive way! I'd recommendit to anyone! Percy Jackson Sea of MonstersBy: Rick Riordan By 5th grade, I wasn't a fantasy fan.This was probably the best fantasybook I've read so far because it hasthe violent and monster part that I seem to like. This reminds me I shouldprobably finish the series Payback TimeBy: Carl Deuker I'm a huge sports fan, and I lovesolving mysteries. Both combined,BOOM! Awesome book, this bookmade me want to read because ofa mystery about whether someoneis eligible to play for the footballteam, turned out, he's hiding fromgangs that are searching for him to pay him back from convictingtheir friend of murder.
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