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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Japanese Adventure In the first creation story Izanagi and Izanami made a single Japanese Island and they went down and married. Then their children were the gods and Japanese Islands. When she made The fire god she died of a fever.Izanagi was so upset that he followed her to the underworld. When he saw Izanami she was a rotting corpse. Izanagi was chased out of the underworld by demons and devils. He put a giant boulder in between the underworld and himself. Izanagi swore she would kill 1,000 people. Izanami promised 2,000 people would be born each day. In the second creation story all the elements were mixed as a single germ. The germ mixedaround until the heavy part sank and the light part rose. Then a muddy sea covered the Earth. Then a god grewand he was lonely so he created more gods. The last two gods he made was Izanagi and Izanami. One day theywere walking along and they wondered what is below the ocean. Then Izanami stabbed his spear into the oceanand chunks of mud fell off as the Islands of Japan. Then they went to explore and they found all types of plants.When they met again they married and created the moon,sun, and storms in the oceans. These stories continue to be important in Japan because they are a part of religion. They are sacred stories and since they dont have any other reason for how Japan was created that is a completely logical explanation to them and their religion.
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