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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 En we lopen niet voorop In Nederland zoekt 27% van de smartphone bezitters naar vacatures. = United States Soviet Union International Conflict Postwar Yalta Conference-Leaders of US, Britain, and Soviet Union. Yalta Agreement Creation of United Nations- international organization with the intent to protect members from aggression. Soviets vs United States After the war- Us lost much less than Soviets. Resulting in economic and political differences Iron Curtain- represent Europes division of Western democratic and Eastern Communist Europe U.S Plans Containment- block Soviet Union communists influence. Truman Doctrine- support countries who reject communism Marshall Plan- assistance program to help rebuild European countries who were destroyed by the war. NATO- North Atlantic treaty organization- defensive military alliance consisting of ten western European countries. Warsaw Pact- Soviet Unions response to NATO formed together with other European and non European countries. Brinksmanship- willingness to go to the brink of war- including nuclear war and Atom/Hydrogen bomb. Mao Zedong- CommunistJiang Jieshi-NationalistJoin to fight Japan United States Creates more reforms and Marxist Socialism economy Moa creates the Peoples Republic of China forcing Jiang into Taiwan Creates communesand new policiestaking less of a leadership role. Looks to youth forCultural Revolutioncreating the Red Guardswho were told tothink of new ideas Vietnamization- Nixon's planfor U.S troops to slowlypull out of Vietnam resultingin South Vietnam's fall. Domino Theory- Eisenhower's thought that South EatAsian countries will slowly fall one after the other like dominos. Vietnam War -Between South and north Vietnam -North pushed into south in the 38th parallel resulting in the UN's decision to send aid to South- Douglas MacArthur U.S and UN aided the South while Soviets and later China aided the North Results Formation of demilitarized zone - North became a constant dictatorship- South eventually adopted a democratic constitution and free elections Korean War -Nationalist Ho Chi Minh turned communist and lead revolts against France Ho and Vietminh Nationalists and Communists led successful revolts against the French like at Dien Bien resulting in their later defeat. - France and U.S putNgo Dinh Diem in chargeof an anti communist government but was later killed by communist Vietcong. Cambodia Turmoil The Khmer Rouge ruled with Pol Pot as its leader slaughtering millions of people Results The Vietnamese overthrew him and installed a less repressive government South Vietnamese were thrown in reduction camps by the north to train communist thoughts.
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