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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tang vs. Song Porcelain Coal, Iron, and Steel Poetry Gunpowder Compass Painting The Chinese discovered thatcoal could be used to heat thingsand the coal-mining industry developed. They also created steel by mixing molten iron with the carbon from coal. During theTang Dynasty there were 104 ironmines. Steel was used to create armor, swords, and helmets as well as stoves,farm tools, drills, steel chains, and steel nails. Chinese writers best expressed themselves in poems. There were poems that celebrated happiness andpoems that were about sadness. Someof the most celebrated poets in ancientChina were Li Bo and Du Fu. During theTang Dynasty, poetry was instituted asthe most important literary and social genre. Gunpowder was somethingthat the Song Dynasty developed.Gunpowder was used for explosions. The Chinese also created a weapon called the firelance which was an ancestor of the gun. The fire lance ejectedprojectiles of poison darts aswell as fire when it was thrown. Gunpowder was also used to make fireworks. The Chinese invented the compass around 1150 A.D. to help the sailors find their way. The compassallowed the Chinese to travel to Indonesia, India, and other placesincreasing China's trade. Thecompass was a ladle made of magnetic material whose handlealways pointed south. Painting landscapes was popular during the Song Dynasty.Empty spaces were left in the paintings on purpose because ofthe Daoist belief that a person can't know the whole truth aboutsomething. In the landscapepaintings people are painted tinyto show that people are living innature but not controlling it. Mostlandscape paintings were done on silk and some of the greatestlandscape painters in the Song Dynasty were Fan Kuan and LiCheng. Porcelain,often known as China, is made of fine clay which is baked at a high temperature (2650 degrees Fahrenheit). Porcelain was bakedin kilns. The Chinese traded porcelain with other countries and receivedgold, silver, precious stones, andfine wood in return. By: Ajay Sunkara
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