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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Achievements of the Tang and Song Poetry was a big part of their lives.They celebrated nature, seasons changing and even having a goodfriends. Paper money was very important because it helped the merchantsand the growing population. The use of copper coins wasn't workinganymore. During this time, it was known as the golden age of peotry. 618-907 AD 960-1279 AD The Tang was the first to create steel from mixing carbon with iron.They made steal swords like the one above, and other weapons butalso made home appliances like a stove or even a sewing needle. They made porcelain or more commonly known as "China".They traded it for gold, silver, and other precious stones. They wouldmake just about anything from it. They made vases, tea pots, andcups. I think the Song made more significant achievements because they made more useful things than the Tang. The Tang made useful thing too but the Song made things that we use more today. Paper money, books, movable types, compass, and gunpowder. If it wasn't for the Song Dynasty, We wouldn't have any modern guns or a modern compass. The movable type was the inspiration to the typewriter. The earlier books reallyhelped with the books we have today. The many forms of currency that we have all around the world was thanks to the Song Dynasty. They really made the modern world what is is. They used tings that were made using porcial every single day. Many people think that the making of steel shaped the warfare that wehave today. Paper money could also be heldin a smaller spaces insteadof caring coins on a string. They put it on a rod and put a pieceof glass on top for sea travel. The invention of the compasshelped sailors sail farther to manydifferent places like India and Indonesia. They used gunpowder mostly forweapons like the fire lance, but they also made fireworks with them. Tang vs Song for the Best Achievements! It was used to create effects from a distance. It was used to attackthe enemy without the r Niki MartinJan 15, 15Period 1
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